Propane Safety

Propane is a safe and reliable fuel source.  Like many other fuels, however, it is flammable and should be handled properly. An odorant is added to propane gas that is distinctive and has been described as smelling similarly to "rotten eggs."  If you ever smell gas or have any safety concerns, please contact your local Blue Ridge Energies office immediately.

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Here are some steps to take if you smell gas or suspect a leak:

  • Extinguish all smoking materials and any other open flames or sources of ignition.
  • Get everyone outside and away from the home or building.
  • Shut off the gas supply at the tank if possible. (Turn valve on tank to the right to close.)
  • Call your propane supplier (use a neighbor's phone if propane smell inside the house).
  • Stay outside and leave the gas off until assistance arrives.

For more detailed information on propane safety please view the safety modules provided by the Propane Education and Research Council.

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